20 January 2006

It Was 25 Years Ago Today...

Ronald Reagan taught the world to play a new game.
A game where Socialist thugs would not be coddled by diplomats and their supporters in the media. It would be nice if we could get that mindset completely out of the professional diplomatic corps, because it is still getting in the way with the World Wide War On Terror.
Also on this day the long nightmare that was the Iranian hostage crises ended with no loss of life in Tehran, good thing at the time but now it looks as though it would have been better for the world if RWR had taken out the loons who run that so called government.

17 January 2006

It Really Is LaLa Land

The fact that actors and actresses live in an alternate universe is evidenced daily, but even more so during award acceptance speeches.
And they are enabled by their friends in the LSM. This morning while watching the Today Show (I know, but I can't help it) Matty and Katie called the following quote from Gina Davis, "The Best line of the night"
"As I was coming in, I felt a tug on my skirt and it was a little girl 8 or 10 in her first party dress and she said 'because of you I want to be president some day.' Well that didn't really happen. But it could have."

Now we have a couple of professional talking heads telling us that this fake story is somehow a great and important line that we all need to listen to and take to heart, so that some day, some little girl can grow up to be President, not because of what someone who was REAL did, but because of an over-acted piece of Leftist Claptrap that comes at us every week on the lowest rated TV network in America.

Now, I know that deep down inside, Gina Davis doesn't really believe she's the President, but crap like that tells me there is a part of her that thinks she could be.
Remember, these are people who belief that they are smart because they read words that someone tells them to read. They belief that when they play the role of an abused child who becomes an abuser, well they can use the time in their acceptance speech to call for an end to abuse, ala Tim Robbins at last years Globes.