01 May 2006

Dyslexics Of The World, UNTIE

Happy May day all you legal immigrants.
Here in Providence, while I was at work, from the fishwrap;
PROVIDENCE - What began as a quiet gathering at Kennedy Plaza grew to an organized group of perhaps 300 supporters late this morning who added their voices to a nationwide call for immigration rights and reform.
Here in Rhode Island, it' difficult to gauge how many people will participate in the day's events. Providence police Maj. Paul Fitzgerald has predicted they could draw 10,000 people.
Before 9 a.m., one organizer of the day's events in Providence, Daniel Bass of the Service Employees International Union, said leaders had planned for about 1,000 people but didn't know quite what to expect.
Perhaps 1,000 white picket signs in English and Spanish were lined up in orderly rows around two sides of the monument, waiting for rally attendees to grab them.
Around 9:50 a.m., the mostly quiet group began moving. "Our civil rights are under attack. What do we do?" shouted a leader who wove through the crowd with perhaps a dozen people following her and calling back to her, "Stand up and fight back!"
As about 20 people marched around the Civil War monument, as about another 180 watched, carrying signs or standing in small circles and talking amongst themselves.
Shortly after 10:30 a.m., the group marched their message to The Providence Westin hotel and Providence Place mall and back. Calling out, "What do we want?" and responding with "Justice!", young and old streamed through the streets of downtown, carrying signs high above their heads.
The police stopped traffic and followed behind the marchers with a police truck, an officer on horseback and one on foot. About 75 people marched over to the front of the Westin while an estimated 200 or more marched up Francis Street to the adjacent mall.

Wow the cops expected 1000 people and there were a whole 300 (some estimates were closer to 200)
Also it is nice to see that the ANSWER folks have their message down pat.

I'm starting my own group, QUESTION (Quite Unreasonable Energetic Shitheads Totally Indignant Over Nonsense)

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