12 January 2012


Okay first off I must admit that I will be rooting for Darth Hoodie and the Pats this weekend, but that has NOTHING to do with what I'm about to rant!

I am sick and tired of Tim Tebowing!  

It isn't Tebowing, it's praying!!!  

Men and Women have been doing it to various gods for CENTURIES!!  It's nothing new, but the self-congratulatory aspect of what this man is doing is annoying.

Is he really so self focused that he can't take 12 seconds to blast the media for focusing on the praying?  And to ask that people not call it Tebowing?

He isn't the first guy to pray during a game, but damn it, he seems he really wants to be seen.  He isn't quietly petitioning the Lord his G-d with prayer, he is bowing down in front of EVERYBODY and making sure that we ALL KNOW what it is that he is doing.

And lastly he is playing a fucking game.  There are men and women everywhere in the world who are praying for real reasons, not petty little games and they are, for the most part, doing it in private and sometimes in fear.  But they are all doing it with out the glare of TV cameras on them.

So this is my opinion and if you disagree, fine, just think about why.