15 July 2005

Bring The Troops Home Now

This rant is not what you expect, from the header.

The United States still has 68,000 troops in Germany.
This would be the same Germany that likes to tell us on how we should live our lives. That survived the Cold War because of our "horrid' troops. That would be in the economic crapper if they had to cover their own coat of freedom.
The Cold War is over, we won, bring the boys home.
We also have 100,000 in the western Pacific, including 37,000 in South Korea alone.
Again this is a left over from the last couple of wars. We have "occupation troops" still stationed in Japan. We have soldiers that still are in harms way facing the starving, cold and pissed off North Koreans. Those brave men and women will be the first to die if the mentally ill one decides that the only way to survive is to try to bloody the nose of the US and The ROK.

The Liberals like to tell us how much we are hated for the evil things we have done in the world.
Well I guess freeing Germany and Japan from fascism, saving them from International Communism is evil because, that is the only way to explain the feelings the wing nut leaders of these nations (Germany, S. Korea, Japan) have towards us.

14 July 2005

Karl Rove And The CIA Witch(hunt)

So let me get this straight, someone told someone who told a reporter that a woman who was married to a professional bureaucrat, worked for the CIA.

Now this same bit of info was found in the WaPo Style section, with a photo caption that told the world who and what Valerie Plame was.

So why is this news????!!!???

And Deep Throat was a hero.


I'm Back

My mind was elsewhere for the last 2 weeks.
So Sorry.