10 March 2009

VDH Hits Us Hard.

And we better learn to like it.

VDH lays it at our own feet.

Here is a brief chunk of the smack down.

Conservatives created Barack Obama and his vision of the Europeanization of America, and so have themselves to blame for the current recessional, as the present as we have known it fades into the past..

Let me explain. Yes, I know that the 2000-01 recession, Hurricane Katrina, two wars, and a $1 trillion hit after 9/11 made fiscal discipline hard. But being a conservative in America these days is hard — and one gets very little leeway or second chances. Not disowning a Ted Stevens and instead pointing to a Charles Rangel or John Murtha or William Jefferson is fatal for a conservative. (We expect such things from a promiscuous spender, but cannot tolerate it from a professed budget hawk.

Pillars of wisdom

The pillar of conservatism is fiscal responsibility.

Why? Balancing budgets and saying no to always expanding government, first, is a moral issue. Just as the individual does not borrow from others to satisfy his own appetite, does not consume what he does not earn, so too government should not spend what the nation has not produced. The conservative, as the custodian of ancient morality, must remind the populace of the thriftiness of our ancestors that explains the bounty we inherited. If not he, who will say that life is not fair, that human nature is predictable and thus tragic, that in our brief corporal lives we can guarantee an equality of rough opportunity but hardly mandate an equality of absolute result — since we are mere mortals, not gods?

(Bold Emp. is Mine)
Please read the whoel thing.

Doing The Demodorks Job For Them.

Will everyone please just SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SIT THE FUCK DOWN!
This ratings grap battle between the MahaRushie and the Republican Party is just what Axelrod and Carville want.
Their friends in the Media are helping throw gas on the fire. Because it is fun to destroy the Republicans and it is even more fun to get viewers.
Everytime SOME BONEHEAD WASHINGTON PARTY GOING REPUBLICAN LEADER attacks Rush, the media sharks swarm. Just waiting for Limbaugh to say something inflamitory about the party. And being Rush he gives them what they want. He then follows it with an attack on the President, but the facts in that attack are lost in the media fire storm.
Then they can run around and call him a party leader, and show how the greatly unified Democrat party has so much more to offer than those CRAZY RUSH LEAD REPUBLICANS.

So lets just let calmer heads prevail as I repeat...


This is not to say that Rush is wrong, it is just that I wish someone else could carry the Comservative message to a wider audience. My person monies are on Dennis Miller, if he could just get out there even more.

Good bye for now.