22 June 2006

Why Is Linc Chafee A Republican, Part 793?

The U.S. Senate today, rejected two different Democrat Party resolutions regarding troop withdrawals from Iraq.

In an 86-13 vote, the Senate turned back a proposal from some Democrats to require the administration to withdraw all combat troops from Iraq by July 1, 2007, with redeployments beginning this year. No Republicans voted in favor of the plan.
Minutes later, the Senate rejected by 60-39 the proposal more popular with Democrats, a nonbinding resolution that to urge the administration to begin withdrawing troops, but with no timetable for the war's end.

The first resolution from the war hero John Kerry, with his (to the freedom loving people of Iraq) dropdead date of July 1st, 2007, received no support from the Democrat wing of the Republican Party. Resolution number two, well that was a different story.

The only Republican to vote with the MINORITY party?
You guessed it, the Missing Linc himself. That rumbling sound you hear in Arlington National Cemetery is his father, John L.H. Chafee who served in the Marines during World War II, spending his 20th birthday on Guadalcanal.

Again I ask why is the National Party supporting this clown?

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