31 March 2006

So How Do We Blame Bush For This?

Ice Age 2 The Meltdown is out in theaters
Diego, Manny and Sid return in this sequel to the hit Ice Age. This time around the Ice Age is over and is starting to melt, which will destroy their valley. So they must unite and warn everyone about the situation

Global warming took place before SUV's were everywhere? How can that be?

For a great spin on "eviornmentalism" the new religion of the left read this piece from Philip over at EnviroSpin Watch.

This may be my favorite part:
Since the abject failure of Marxism, the collapse of the socialist model following the end of the Cold War, and the steep decline in the relevance of most Christian denominations, 'environmentalism' in the West has increasingly become a refuge for those who yearn to intervene in society for other people's good.

The theme song of the envirowacks.
I'm smarter then you are, I'm smarter then you are, nanananana!

It's Been A Year

Since Terri Schindler Schiavo died 14 days after removal of her feeding tube, on orders from a Florida judge who had no concept of fairness , or conscious.

Public Money Vs. Private Money

Here in the City/State we are dealing with an interesting minor debate involving some open land in Providence near the State House.
There is a group calling itself Providence Polo and they are trying to spend their own monies to improve a tiny little sliver of a park.
Meanwhile Deborah Melino-Wender, the commission's executive director, says that Station Park was planned as an open, green space between downtown and the State House. What she doesn't say is that the work to improve this park would be done with Federal taxpayer funded grants.
So what side am I on?
Polo comes across, to those who have never watched it as elitist and snobby, but it is a great powerful sport played, as most non-American sports (baseball excluded) by many natives of developing nations. It has a fun vibe and will only use the park for 4 hours a week in the summer.
So someone wants to come in spend their own money to clean up a park that they are only going to use for a few hours a week, and the State of RI and the usual suspects don't like it.

Go Polo.

29 March 2006

An Open Letter To The WSJ

This is in response to today's editorial entitled 'The Last Helicopter' by Amir Taheri.
The only problem I have with Mr. Taheri's piece is the title. It should have been why the election of '08 will matter.
This was one of the most important editorials about the need for strong leaders in the White House and in Congress. If we go back to the "cut and run" mindset that Mr. Taheri tells us the leaders of Iran are waiting for then we deserve what ever those people decide to throw at us.
I only ask that you rerun it every year between now and the 2008 Presidential Elections, to remind people what is really at stake each time they vote.

Thank you,
James F. O'Connell
Here is the piece if you need to read it.
By the way, YOU NEED TO READ IT!!!

28 March 2006

al-Reuters' Idea Of Progress

From this "news" story about Iran and nuclear weapons.
It starts with this paragraph:
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Western powers on the Security Council were optimistic on Tuesday that an agreement could be reached on Iran's nuclear ambitions before their foreign ministers discuss the issue this week.

And then comes the real fun part:
One remaining obstacle, diplomats said, was a provision in the draft statement saying weapons of mass destruction were a threat to international peace and security.
(Oh dear not that)
Russia believes this could be a prelude to punitive measures and may want to leave that for the Thursday meeting among the ministers of the permanent five and Germany, a negotiator with Iran.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, returning from a trip to Africa, told reporters, "The issue is really who should deal with the file -- whether it is at the technical level at the IAEA or should it come to the council..."

"I think the council itself is very much engaged in this and is fully seized of the matter," Annan said. "But there are lot of technical aspects of the issue, which the atomic agency should continue to deal with."

Well ain't that a kick in the pants.

So progress is taking place the only thing holding it up is the crazy idea that nuclear weapons fall under the title of WMD's.

Man I love al-Reuters.

27 March 2006

Like My "To Read" Pile Isn't Big Enough

I find on Opinion Journal, this list of five books from Victor Davis Hanson.

The definitive books on the battles of the 20th century, as seen by one of the best military historians/theorist working today.
I have only read one of them Antony Beevor's Stalingrad, one of the most gripping non fiction books I've read about that hellish battlefront.

Well it looks like I'm heading back to the bookstore.

Oh by the way I just picked up Prayers for the Assassin by Robert Ferrigno, it is a novel set in The Islamic Republic Of America in the year 2040. Not something I want to see any time soon.

Dem's Mantra: It Is Bad To Hurt People's Feelings

So if someone is here in this country without the proper paperwork, showing that he or she came across one of our borders legally, well we can't call them criminals.

I Don' Think So!!

We have laws and those laws have not been enforced well for dozens of years. There are people here who never even tried to become legal when they came across the border. And yet they want all the benefits of native born citizens, without the pain of taxes, jury duty, taxes and a whole slew of other things including taxes.

Why? Because they are in the words of the left "good, honest, hard working family people." See link and other such stories to see the other side of illegal immigrants. But they do the jobs American's won't do. Really, check out this report from The Center for Immigration Studies, and the very disturbing trends that they shine a light on.

Advocates of legalizing illegal aliens and increasing legal immigration argue that there are no Americans to fill low-wage jobs that require relatively little education. owever, data collected by the Census Bureau show that, even prior to Hurricane Katrina, there were almost four million unemployed adult natives (age 18 to 64) with just a high school degree or less, and another 19 million not in the labor force. Perhaps most troubling, the share of these less-educated adult natives in the labor force has declined steadily since 2000.
This is not the who else will do these jobs BS that we are so used to hearing from Left/Liberals and their enablers in the LSM. But the facts are there and we have to fix the problem before it gets even worse.