12 April 2006

Happy Birthday To Us

Since I couldn't get Frank And Kathy to wish us a happy first birthday today, I figured that I would do it my self. After all isn't DIY the whole point of blogging in the first place?

A Small list of suggested presents for us here at IU.

Peace in the Middle East. The kind that comes when people are free to make their own decisions as to how to live there lives without some mullah telling them that they are in violation of some 6th Century camel jockey's world view.

Cuba Libre. And no I don't just mean a rum and coke. Part of that would also be Venezuela Libre. Two for the price of one.

White House Spine. I would love to see the WH stop letting the LSM move "the agenda forward" (lib speak for spinning the news leftward), and to stand up and remind the public what it is that we stand for in this country. Why this is the greatest nation on the planet. And what the War On Terror is really all about.

Nanny State Go Bye Bye. Stop telling us that what we eat, smoke or drink will kill us. We know this. Other than laws that keep kids from drinking alcohol or smoking, laws about those things that are legal should not keep people from enjoying those things that are legal.

I'm sure I'll think of more for our second birthday.

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RoCkY mTn LiOnEsS said...

Well, Happy Freakin' Birthday, baby..babIES!

Yeah, I'd love to accomodate your wish list. HEck, I'd love to understand what the heck a couple of those things are!

Do any of them have to do with Cindy BanSheehen becoming Mrs. Chavez/Belafonte and they all ride off into the sunset (straight for the nearest mental institution, where they an do underwater basket weaving and underwater charcoal sketching with their friends ChappqauiDICKennedy, Jean Fraud, Howard Lithium Free Dean, Nancy Skin Tight Pelosi, JezebHillary, Alphamale Gore, and the usual obstructionist, anti-Amerikan, patronizing, vote "Viva La Raza" pimping, disingenuous, arrogant list of suspects?? [yeah, I had to take a breath after that one!]

Can I just bake you a spam cake, frost it with avocado, liver and peanut butter icing, and pray the media is fully exposed for the Enemy Within that it is?

The mental pictures of the LSM in bed with the Dismalcrats and the OBLoonie islamofascits is NOT a pretty picture. Simply OBSCENE.

Oops...I may have just pooped your party, using some of those names anyway....

{soapbox mode: OFF}....having generated more soap bubbles than the Lawrence Welk show could have in 4 decades!

Hey...JTL!!...YOU're the one that ordered me to come here...FASCIST!!

I came, I read, I posted! Now I have to go have my estrogen prescription filled....and empty ou the chamber of my gun! heh!

Oh, hey! I did come across some "Fartless Candy" online. I see it's available in Salida, CO..just a couple hours drive from me (a couple BEAUTIFULLY scenic hours driving) Want some? Like for a B-day Present....?? heh

RML (aka: Drama Queen)

Oooo....CONSPIRACY ALERT!! That word verification word looked VERY much like the JOOOOOOOS have taken over your blog!~ BEWARE! It looks vewy, vewy Yiddish!!!