26 June 2009

On Third Parties And 8 Traitors.

I just posted this hatefilled screed on Ace.

Then be prepared for 40 more years o Donk leadership.

Get over it guys, this is a two party nation. We can't win with third parties because the rules to get on the ballot vary State by State.
Fix the Reublican party, tell your RINO friends to get the Fuck out and join the Donks. Tell RINO leaders to pull a Specktor and get the Fuck out.
If this leaves a smaller party, so be it. Better a small party that believes in something then a midsized collection of shelfish bastards.
I know, "But jimmythestupidlurkingleg, if we have a small party how is that any different than a third party that only alows people from east bumfuck to vote for it?"
It's different because there is a national oranization, and there is an AoSHq.

I also sent tis to Mike Steele in responce to a spammail about cap and trade that I recieved AFTER the vote was done/

My Democrat Rep did what was expected after they pulled him out of rehab.
But I'm more upset at the 8 members of my party who voted with the Dems for this horror show.
I hope (no make that demand) that the party punish these 8 for crimes against the economy and the future of freedom in this nation.
We need Republicans who will stand with the people not with special interests and "friends" in the Beltway.

Please let these RINO's know they have upset many a loyal Consevative Republican.

That is all.

Thank you

James F. O'Connell

23 June 2009

Spread The Word

Yesterday I was talking to a customer who is an avowed liberal.

We were talking about education, and DC schools in particular.
I told him about the budget cuts for charter schools in DC and how classmates of the Won's were being affected. He asked why they didn't just ask the Won to fix it.
When I told him they did, but still nothing happened he seemed shocked.
He asked where I got my info. I told him Fox and Ace, he just seemed to brush it off as typical "rightwing crap", but he said he wanted to talk about this later, so...

Now if this drop of truth can get him to look at the world with a less leftist eye, then I'm happy.
Let's see where this goes. I'll keep you informed.

21 June 2009


The whole world is watching. And unlike Chicago '68 this is the real deal.
Check out Winston over at Spirit of Man for reports from the front.

Iran is on the verge of doing what should have been done years ago.

May G-d be with them.

while typing this I wrote "what should have been done ears ago". I must have been thinking abot how long it took Bambi to say the right things, snark