27 February 2006

Olympics As Metaphor

No not in the old "Good Vs. Evil", "US Vs. Them", "Spy Vs. Spy" ways, no I mean in a new way, a way that involves the coverage of the Games and the "Networks of NBC".

If you spent any time watching the games during Prime Time, first congratulations there weren't very many of you. But Secondly and most IMPORTANTLY you would have been very confused if you watched after looking at a globe. Because the globe would have told you that Turin Italy was hours ahead of us Time Zone wise, but not in NBC TIME!!
Bob Costas and his co-hosts talked to the viewers like they didn't already know the results. They embargoed video to any other network, but not the results. So what you ask? Well it was just an example of a big network's arrogance. There is only us, we are your only source for Olympic results, we will tell you who won, when we feel like it.
I mean was there really any reason to have the prime time show run until midnight each night?
Although had it been any shorter, there would have been more than 10 commercials per segment, because it appears that NBC sold every minute to someone and had to jam them all in.

So what is my point?
Good question?
The networks are failing to present the world in their own special little lefty way, because there are choices; from other networks, the internet and talk radio. The world view that the big city/blue city networks is being countered daily and truthfully.
They lost the race, but they are still waiting to tell us the results. It may take a while, we have to wait for the Russian judge to get out of the men's room.

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