28 February 2006

Mudville Alert

Greyhawk over at The Mudville has a blood pressure raising post about the current Defense Department budget, and all the useless crap that has been added to the total cost of the budget.
The left will yell and scream about the total, but it up to us on the right to yell and scream about the waste.
These are my two favorites, Greyhawk lists many more:

- $1.8 million for Los Angeles sixth-graders who are "disrespectful, have poor grades and don't obey rules."
- $500,000 for curling, dog mushing, snowboarding and a snowshoe biathlon at Alaska's Arctic Winter Games.


Wasn't this stuff supposed to end with the new leadership in the House? Well I guess it could have been put there before, but it does need to be taken out now.

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