27 February 2006

The Michael "Meathead" Stivic Of The Week Award

This one has only one nominee:

The Admissions Department at Yale University.

Why you ask?

Let's try this one on for size. From the New Criterion Blog ARMAVIRUMQUE:

What "caliber" (interesting choice of word) are we talking about here? Well, Hashemi al-Haw Haw, whose primary objective while in the employ of the Taliban was to justify the dynamiting of some 1000-year-old statues of the Buddha in Kabul, Afghanistan, has "a fourth-grade education and a high-school equivalency degree." There you have it. Probably makes Scutch the Quarterback look like Cicero by comparison.

Wow. There's that Ivy League edumacation fer ya.
But it isn't really all that hard, remember those statues were religious icons after all.
This story is also found over at Opinion Journal.
This is a major WTF moment.

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