01 March 2006

One Day Later; I Still Don't Get It!

In the local fishwrap yesterday I read one of the more confusing pieces about the RI Republican Primary to date.
Merrill C. Bakst, Political columnist, penned a piece entitled Chafee, Laffey: Now the battle is over Israel.

And the point appears to be this:
Chafee has been to Israel; so he is pro Israel.
Laffey hasn't been, so even if he says he is, he can't be pro Israel.
Got it? No? Good neither did anyone else!

Now I would love to provide a link to this fishwrap, but the ProJo is near impossible to register with and is a pain if you register and forget your password. So I'll just straight type my favorite part right now.

There's plenty of pro-Israel political money around the United States...Linc Chafee says the Christian Right, increasingly active in Republican politics, also has a strong, Biblically inspired interest in Israel. (emphasis added)

Okay! What was the point of that? Well in the Bluest Blue State, if you can get people all worked up about The Christian Right, you can keep your friends in office. The rest of the piece is a list of prominent Jewish Rhode Islanders, and which side they are on. Or he has a list of weak-a## excuses from the Senator for why he voted for different bills that affected Israel. My favorit being this gem.

Chafee says he opposed the Iraq war because he didn't believe Bush
administration claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction he could use against America. And he says, Israel is now worse off because the war spread unrest in the Middle East. (emphasis added, again)

There was no counter to the lies from the Senator from Virginia, in this column. I mean, I mean, AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!
The administration NEVER SAID that Sodamn Insane had WMD's that he was going to use against the US!
And the Middle East was a garden spot before the war, right?

It is so much fun to watch these people just dance and sing the same old lefty song and dance.

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