02 March 2006

How Did I Miss This?

Victor Davis Hanson (a.k.a. The Smartest Man In America) had an Op Ed in the WSJ yesterday about the Iraqi Civil War. There hasn't been a Civil War that the Left has been more interested in since Franco stopped Communists and Anarchists from destroying Spain.

Here is the piece, with all the usual great incite from VDH/TSMIA.

He sets the record straight as to how the Iraqis reacted to the destruction of a Holy Site, they yelled and screamed, and then:
Thugs and criminals came out of the woodwork to foment further violence. But instead of the apocalypse of an ensuing civil war, a curfew was enforced...Shaken Sunni and Shiite leaders appeared on television to urge restraint, and there appeared at least the semblance of reconciliation that may soon presage a viable coalition government.

Wow, that's not what the LSM media told me, but wait there's more:
But here at home you would have thought that our own capitol dome had exploded. Indeed, Americans more than the Iraqis needed such advice for calm to quiet our own frenzy. Almost before the golden shards of the mosque hit the pavement, pundits wrote off the war as lost--as we heard the tired metaphors of "final straw" and "camel's back" mindlessly repeated. The long-anticipated civil strife among Shiites and Sunnis, we were assured, was not merely imminent, but already well upon us.

I know, I know being surprised at the LSM's bias is getting old, but I can dream can't I?
I can dream of a day when these bozos get that the majority of those of us who vote, don't rely on them for the majority of our news.
They may still have the rubes and the morons, who they question for their weekly/weakly opinion polls attacking the President and the Administration, but the only polls that matter, are fed at the wellspring of the internet, esp. the blogosphere.

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