01 March 2006

Mass Citizens Get No Choice

Former Rep Peter Blute decided against a run for US Senate. This means that the Hero of Chappaquiddick will run for reelection UN-OPPOSED this year.

This is a crying shame.

The usual answers were given by Mr. Blute for not running, wanting to spend more time with his family, etc., etc., etc...
Most political junkies say that he was afraid of having a past indiscretion be used against him in the campaign. There was a problem with a cruise ship and some drunken staffers from Massport, but as far as I can find, no one died.

Think about it, someone isn't going to run against the Fat Swimmer because of a image problem involving water and alcohol. I would think that the Kennedy clan would just agree to stay silent on any such issue, as the name Mary Jo Kopechne would continue to appear in news reports.

But then the Kennedy clan isn't known for playing fair, too bad, because now the only losers are those of us who would like to see the runt of the litter have to get a real job.

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