22 February 2006

What To Do?

Normally I look at an issue and if Chucky Schumer and Jimah Carter are agin it, I'ma fer it.
Well the UAE and the ports is an issue that puts a crimp in that plan. Well not really, because Chuckie and Jimah are on different sides, so I have to side with one of them. AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

Now normally I read the posts over at LGF and that helps to set my stand on issues that involve the Middle East, but this time...

The argument that just because there are Arabs involved, that makes it wrong is as bogus as the argument that just because foreign nations are involved it is bad.

If you want to read a smart overview of what it is all about this piece from the Council On foreign Relations, a group I usually stay away from, gets to the point quickly and well.
But, if you want to read a rant keep reading.
The case is simple, really, a British Corporation that used to perform 30% of the off-loading duties at 6 of the largest ports in this country is selling itself to the highest bidder. That bidder happens to be a state owned Corporation from the United Arab Emirates. The deal was struck last month and the Federal oversite group that "oversees" the approval of overseas corporations that want to do business with government entities signed off on this plan.
Why? Is it because Bush is an evil corporate stooge who masterminded the plan set into motion by a bunch of Arabs who live in the same nation as some asshats who made up 10% of the 9/11 jihadist attack on America. This same corporate shill is responding to the call of his family friend OBL and allowing Arabs to make money while destroying America from it's ports inward.

Listen if these asshats want to destroy us they will try, again and again. And the Administration will use any means f'ing necessary to stop them.

What really bathers me about the vast majority of "conservatives" who are against this move, is that most of it looks like anti-capitalism and anti-globalization run amuck. The left is filled with people who question the motives of corporations world wide, just because they are corporations. We do not need the right to join them.
We already have a wing-nut-job playing the role of anti-corporate super-American, and it is really past time for HerrPat Buchanan to STFU and STFD. It is also way past time for any of us to listen to a word he says.
Now what am I going to do if I find that the uber-Amerikan is on the same side of this issue as I am (highly doubtful, but) well I will still stand by and say we need to do it, and remind most of the anti-Capitalist right that the foundation that he built is built on sand and not on the rock of Adam Smith, or even Milton Friedman.

Rant Mode Off.

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