10 March 2006

More Oppressive News

Thanks to KJLo over on The Corner we have news that everyone's favorite Islamo-Fascist State can't even allow women a simple march to a park.
Iran Press News gives the story the translation and links that we non-Farsi speakers need to learn what is happening in that nation that Bush is picking on.

A great quote from the Iranian link that KLo offered:
Now, the world should realize that the instability of the rule of these existent potentates is evident when they show such fear of a group of women gathering to celebrate International Women's Day in a park; they exposed their horror by going to any lengths to intimidate and prevent this observance and instead of respecting and celebrating the honor of women by greeting us and bestowing flowers upon us, we were met with batons, mace, insults and abuse.

Man what a hell hole.
See also my post from last week about unions and Iran here!

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