07 March 2006

Another Reason Why The National Republican Senatorial Incumbent Protection Committee Is Wrong

There is a new immigration proposal from Sen. Arlen Specter, Rino-Penn. That includes a temporary guest worker program, enhanced border security, new requirements for employers to verify workers' legal status, and a provision for some 11 million illegal aliens now in the country to come forward and work legally. It calls for a study of whether a fence is necessary along the southern U.S. border.
Now this is a great idea, let's keep all the illegals that we have, and spend some money to see if we need a fence to keep more illegals out.


How about this?
We increase the number of people who are allowed to enter this country legally via the use of visas, while cracking down on the ones who have already broken US laws by coming to this country without checking in.
We could use the old method of Resident Aliens. Keep tabs on the ones who are here legally so that when their visas are about to expire, we could either help them stay (if they are still working or studying) or help them leave.

I remember there used to be a PSA that would remind Resident Aliens to go down to the Post Office and fill out a form that let the government know where they were. It was a very cheesy cartoon ad, but it stuck with me. Now I'm sure that most legal aliens did what they were supposed to do and they checked in, while a small percentage tried to disappear into the crowd. Wouldn't it be easier to keep track now?

Why do we have to give up on enforcement, just because it looks like a big job?
Why can't we just make it easier to get here legally, while making it harder to stay here illegally?

just a question.

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