09 March 2006

Pitching For A Free Book

Ramesh Ponnuru had a bleg over on The Corner the other day. He asked for any bloggers who were willing to read a free copy of his of forthcoming book Party Of Death.
I of course sent an e-mail abegging, because as anyone who knows me knows, the only thing better than a New Book, is a New FREE Book.

But it might be interesting if I thought about the topic of this forthcoming tome.
The Culture of Death that abortion on demand has created is out of control. We live in a world where doctors lie about cloning and the media attacks them for not being successful.
The self-called intelligentsia in this country, wants nothing better than to PROVE that life is nothing more than a bunch of randomly connected atoms, not part of any type of master plan.
Abortion has created a mindset that takes personal responsibility out of the equation of sex, and that lack of responsibility has spread to all facets of daily life. From the standard defense of disadvantaged defendants, that they did it because "the man" holds them down. To the news that
The National Center for Men has filed a lawsuit today in the U.S. District Court
in Michigan that it's calling the Roe v. Wade for men.
The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Saginaw resident Matt Dubay, a 25 year-old computer programmer who was ordered to pay child support for his ex-girlfriend's daughter.

Now the argument goes something like this. Women can CHOOSE to abort, hence not being willing to take care of the child. So a man should have the same option. The point they miss is the woman has already brought the child into this world, someone needs to help out.
What kills me is that the acceptance of abortion not as some form of last resort, or medical emergency procedure, but as one of the many forms of contraception available to couples out there. Opps, I forgot my condoms! Well if you get pregnant, we could always kill it!


Now let's wait to see what Ramesh's new book says. I will be talking about it if I get it.

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