10 March 2006

Thoughts That I Had This Morning, Sitting On The "Thinking Chair"

I know it isn't a real stretch to talk about Left Liberal hypocrisy, one doesn't really need to go far to see it, but we need to keep talking about it. I feel that if we just nod and say "well of course, they are hypocrites", to ourselves, we gain nothing in the battle to out their lies. And it is a battle.

- So why is it that groups that talk about "individual" rights and freedom, when it comes to American Domestic policy, support the totalitarian enemies of American Foreign policy.
- How come avowed Marxists, are given a free pass to say what they want in public (Noam Chomsky etal.), but if a wing-nut religious "leader" says something that a lot of people are thinking (Pat Robinson on Hugo Chavez) the whole of Christianity is painted with a broad brush of racism.

These topics were sitting there in my brain this am, and when I got to work and found that the WSJ had a piece in the dead tree edition about "dissidents". You see Lewis H. Lapham of Harper's Magazine has a new book called "Gag Rule", about how Dissent is stifled in Bush's America. Well we all know that this is a pill of horse puckies, but this quote from the article sums it up best.
As complaints go, there's something amiss about this one. How exactly is "dissent" being "suppressed" when the dissent in question is also being published, distributed and widely sold throughout the U.S....The logic of Bertrand Russell's paradox applies: If "Gag Rule" is right, he couldn't say it. And if he can say it, he must be wrong.

Thank you Brent Stephens.

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