04 November 2005

Senator Carl Levin Stooge For al-Jazeera?

There is a great piece in Todays Opinion Journal that talks about the problems with Senator Levin's objection to the appointment of Dorrance Smith to the job of assistant secretary of defense for public affairs.

The facts in this piece that Mr. Smith wrote in April, are what seems to be what is keeping the Senator up at night.
I don't know why! Here are some of the relevant quotes that have caused the Senator to hold-up the appointment.

The collaboration between the terrorists and al-Jazeera is stronger than
ever. While the precise terms of that relationship are virtually unknown, we do
know this: al-Jazeera and the terrorists have a working arrangement that extends
beyond a modus vivendi. When the terrorists want to broadcast something that
helps their cause, they have immediate and reliable access to al-Jazeera. This
relationship--in a time of war--raises some important questions:

* What does Al-Jazeera promise the terrorist organizations in order to get consistent access to their video?

* Does it pay for material?

*Is it promised safety and protection if it continues to air unedited tapes? (No Al-Jazeera employee has been killed or taken hostage by the terrorists. When I ran the Iraqi Television Network, seven employees were killed by terrorists.)

Now why would any sane person reject these questions? Well I guess the world will never know.

Read both articles and think about what is happening in the world and understand that when we give up asking tough questions about the enemy, we are then faced with the what the Danes and the French are facing now.

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