03 November 2005

Big News (If You're A Moonbat)

I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED, to find that there are secret prisons in Eastern Europe!
This is the noise coming out of the LSM and various "Human Rights" groups.

Now I'm no fan of the now disgraced night shift at Abu Ghraib prison and their "fun with head panties" photos, but let us remember what that was really all about.
The Lindy Englund crew was not "torturing" prisoners to learn where the next attack was coming from.
They were doing what they did because they were sick twisted perverts, playing their own reindeer games to get their yaya's.

Now the mainstream press is using the "news" of prisons for al Qaeda killers to re-hash (hhmmm.. hash) these stories and to keep painting the Administration as EVIL. Well they are trying to paint them as more than that, but I am not a believer in the theory that you seem more passionate, the more F Bombs you drop.

So my only problem with these secret prisons, is that they are being run by the CIA. And as a piece in today's WSJ (monetary registration required) shows, the CIA is not really on the Administration's side in the WOT. The piece does a great job of tearing the CIA apart over the Wilson/Plame case, showing that the agency's own agenda against the war placed Mrs. Wilson in danger, not the offhand comments of a Vice Presidential Chief-Of-Staff.

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