31 October 2005

Conspire This!!

A friend of mine told me that his Democrat Father-In-Law saw the Meirs attempted nomination as a trick to make the Left look bad.

First off : They don't need our help to look bad, they are very good at doing that themselves.

Secondly: Why is everything a fricking conspiracy. This whole nation has turned into Mel Gibson's character in the very forgettable Conspiracy Theory!

I guess if you throw enough crap at the walls something's going to stick, but the real problem is that when you throw the crap at the walls all the time, you have a house full of crap and that is all you see.

There are some conspiracies out there that I'm sure are not the ravings of a butch of wing-nuts (from both sides of the aisle), but I'm more then willing to sit back and use what little grey matter I have left and think before pointing fingers.

I want to get into the theory of conspiracy, but this will have to wait for another day. I have to fly and I don't have time to scrape the crap off the walls today.

We will talk about this again, because it is one of my biggest pet peeves.

I know the fact that I've teased this and then run away proves that there is some sort of conspiracy involved.

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