07 November 2005

Socialism Is A Failure Part #1,297,125

France is burning to the ground. Day 12.
The grand experiment in social engineering that is Marxism is showing its cracks again. The French give their workers huge amounts of benefits, and they give their un (and under) employed even more. But all this largesse has not kept "disenfranchised" utes from torching cars and housing blocks night after night.

Why? Because. It is not disenfranchise utes, it is a well organized Intefada based on the Palestinian Authority model from the last 10 years. Make some Molotov cocktails, brake-up some more rocks, and hand them to a bunch of youths who will do what you tell them to do because you can promise them virgins (raisins) in some distant paradise.
They do it not because the French haven't given them all the choices they could need, but because the religion (NO. Death Cult!!!) gives them no hope other then the hope of old men sodimizing them and then telling them that the only truth is one where violence against the other is fine, as long as the other is not a "believer."

So the Death Cult runs rioting thru the streets of Europe, and the LSM yawns.
They have not learned that an enemy that is allowed to live and prosper inside your own borders is still and enemy. The build up to Eurabia has begun and the left is cheering it on, not understanding that they will be the first to be lined up and given the choice of "convert of die."
I know, I know the dhimitude allows for "non-believers" to live quietly as long as they pay the tax to the caliphate. The only problem with that argument is if there is no caliphate. Then the choices are narrowed down to two.

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