29 August 2005

The WaPo Continues To State The Obvious

Here is an amazing piece of drivel telling us that "All Politics Is Local."
With great incite like
For all the attention and resources the Bush administration has poured into the Middle East, the outcome of its two most critical initiatives is increasingly vulnerable to the sectarian passions

It's amazing that the WaPo is still able to put out a daily paper, let alone a web site.


Rocky Mtn. Lioness said...

Are you saying the WAPO isn't good for much more than WAP'ing your bum??

Good. I thought's what you were implying.

The irrational hatred for pressluts is so over the top, they all could use anger management along with their lithium, self medicating and shock treatments. What a sorry lot--the most of them.

Hi Jimmy~! that I got that out of my system....I'll return to my regularly scheduled sunny disposition. heh!

Rocky Mtn. Lioness said...

OOPSIE! Fix me up there, Jimmy!!

I meant to say: "the irrational hatred for President Bush, by the pressluts is so over the top...."

Preview must not be ignored. It is your friend.

jimmytheleg said...

The scary part is, I had an idea of what you ment.

But you got the point I was making, there is a cheep dig at the POTUS and then a doom and gloom view of what grat things that have been done in Iraq.

Rocky Mtn. Lioness said...

Their [pressluts in the lamescream media] MO & mantra is sooooooo painfully predictable...."yawn".....