25 August 2005

Rafael Palmeiro v. Frank Robinson

This one is a no brainer.
If that arrogant punk Rafael Palmeiro thinks that he can run around and continue to lie about what he took and when he took it, then I say drop him down the memory hole.
Frank Robinson's argument is that since we can never know when he was juiced we should then take all the numbers and pretend he wasn't there.
I know this sounds very similar to the Stalinist answer to what to do with people who have fallen out of favor with the party, but what else is there to do.
If we leave his records in the books what lesson does that teach?
I think what Frank Robinson and Curt Schilling are getting at has nothing to do with players from the past. What Rafael Palmeiro did was get to 3000 hits while in the middle of his appeal for failing the steroid test. Take him off the list of 500 / 3000 players, and be done with it.
Now there will be people who will point to mark McGuire and Barry Bonds and say what about their numbers.
Well since Big Mc. never flunked a steroid test (easy reason, there were none) we have to leave him alone. If and when Barry decides that his knee will no longer test positive, I mean feels better, then we will probably never know the truth there either.

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