02 September 2005

Least We Never Forget

The beauty of Liberal Compassion is shown in all its glory in these two posts

bradblog and this one from DU

the first blames Bush for Katrina, not just the aftermath, but the whole bleepping storm. World class asshat. He even get cheesed off when the LGFers slam into his site and call him on his politicized reaction.

The second come thanks to KJL over in the Corner. It seems that demgurl decided that a stranded motorist with a W sticker on her car was not worth helping out.

Read them for yourselves. If you think that I'm over reacting then tell me, but remember if you agree, let us make sure that crap like this is recycled com 2006/08/12/you get the point.

If they want to make compassion a political issue, in the words of John Phraude Kerrie, BRING IT ON!!!

1 comment:

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