01 September 2005

Observations On What I've Observed

My God, I would have never believed that a large American city could descend into pure third world mayhem that quickly, when the threat of control disappeared.

Let us just stand back and see what the world's reaction will continue to be. Will we keep getting "letters of condolences" and seeing choreographed dancing in the Arab street? Or will the world begin to step-up to the plate, the way that we do during EVERY disaster that hits somewhere else in the world.

I can only cringe at the idea of a MTV telethon for the victims of Katrina. With such political heavyweights like Green Day, John Cougar Mellonhead, and Bernie Goldberg's all time fave Ludicris.

It is times like this that my lack of faith in Humanity is paid off. This is directly opposite to President Bush's view of the Human condition. I believe that GWB's faith in God colors his faith in people. How else would you explain the fact that he is willing to continue the give The Palestinian Authority so many chances to "change their view towards Israel, a view that will never change. Yet The POTUS still believes that an organization that started out as the group that murdered the Munich Olympics, can change it's ways.

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