31 August 2005

Pat Buchanan Still Hates The Bush's

In a recent column in Human Events Bay Buchanan's big brother calls for the Impeachment of GWB, because the borders are too easily crossed by organized gangs of Mexican day laborers.

Pat still doesn't get it. His Nationalist brand of quote unquote conservatism is dead. And it didn't die on Sept 11, it passed on in October of 1929. Yes 1929, you see the European recession began to effect the American economy back then, and then when H. Hoover raised tariffs (a.k.a. taxes) on imports to "help" American business, it was a typical Nationalist way off looking at the world.
America no longer ends at the 3 mile limit, we have connections to the world. We live in and are of the world in that respect, and we as conservatives we need to grow up and understand the realities of the 21 century.

Sorry Pat, I hated you when I was a Marxist, and I still hate you now.

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