24 August 2005

The History Of History

Once in a while I say things while trolling different sites that confuse even the people I agree with. These remarks are usually based on my twisted take on history. There are a lot of "smart" people who do not understand the subtleties of my historic sarcasm.

Case in point:

The Banana Lawyer and Foggy Bottom

For those of you who's grasp of history ends with who were the members of ABBA, let me explain.

John Forster Dulles, who along with his equally exciting brother Allan, was Boston Brahmin Lawyers for the Central American land owner United Fruit, the home of the Chiquita Banana Lady. These two party animals are as responsible as anyone for the horrible bureaucratic mentality at both the State Department, located at Foggy Bottom, and the CIA.
When good people, like Condi Rice, get pulled into the vortex of evil that surrounds those two groups, the only thing that you can hope for is that whey would grow a set of brass ones, or melt down so spectacularly that the organization takes the hit, not the person.
The State Department, has been such a black hole for so long that sometimes the only hope I have is a mass of infectious papercuts that causes all the paper/pencil pushers it leave en-mass and be replaced by people who view the world as it should be.
Us against Them.
Good v. Evil.
The Modern Age against the Dark Ages.
Freedom v. Subjection.
Life v. Death.

Some people may think that my world view is too simplistic, too black and white, or just straight up wrong. To them I say, BITE ME! The world is that simple, when we try to "understand the enemy" we give the enemy the rope with which to hang US.
Islamic fascists will not rest till every Jew is dead and every nation is under Sharia Law. The appeasement Monkeys that have overrun State, CIA and every other government organization that wants to negotiate with terrorists will be the first to suffer under the new world order.

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