09 January 2006

Hypocrite Mountain

So this last Sunday I was watching reruns of season 2 of 24 on A&E. So what?
Well, while watching this good show, I was subjected to three ads for the MOST IMPORTANT FILM EVER!!!, Brokeback Mountain.
Now after watching these ads I was confused, how can a movie about a good looking cowboy and his wife and children be the Most Important Film Ever?
Yes, I know it isn't a "straight (pun very intended) movie", but you wouldn't know it from the TV trailers for the movie.
And this got me thinking. Again, I know a scary thought, but if this movie is supposed to be about the deep and true love of two men that lasts their whole lives, why are the ads deeper in the closet then Tom Cruise? Shouldn't the truth of this film be presented to the viewing public, instead of luring people in under false pretenses and subjecting them to the hard core visuals that the film portrays?
Oh wait, we can't tell people what it is that they are going to see, because they might not go, and then that will prove that Americans are provincial, bigoted and closeminded.

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