12 January 2006

If This Is Global Warming...

Bring it on!
Okay so the last 5 days have been sunny and the temps have been above average!
Now that phrase is very interesting, the global Warming wacko's always mention when temperatures are higher (or even lower, remember colder days are a sign of global warming too) and they use those daily numbers a PROOF!
Well there is a reason that the term is average temperature, that is because you take a bunch of numbers and come up with a number that is equi distant between the highest and the lowest temp recorded for either that day or that month.
So since we have only been working with aprox 90 years of numbers, for a planet that according to Science is millions of years old, HOW THE F*** ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW IF THERE IS OR ISN'T GLOBAL WARMING.

Now, one last thing, even if there is global warming the real argument is what is causing it.
Are we to believe that humans are so evil that we are changing a world we have only occupied for a short time, to the point of death. Or could it just be a natural cycle of warm and cold, ice and dry.

Just think about it please.

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