11 January 2006

Neil Kinnock Err. Joe Biden Steps On It

In this little post from The Daily Princetonian it seems Joe Biden didn't always hate Princeton as much as he said he did yesterday during the Senate Comedy Connection Roast of Sam Alito.
I guess Joe will say anything as long as the check clears. And I'm sure that George Sorros' checks have never bounced.
But, then what do we expect from a man who is more famous for stealing speeches from the then leading member of the British Labour Party, than for anything he may have done before or since.

And speaking of Senators who should think be for they drink and drive, Teddy Kennedy (D-Chivas), is challenging Judge Alito to remember what he was doing getting involved in a political organization 35 years ago. Watch out Teddy, because just 36 years ago the owner of a dog named SPLASH, was having a little trouble remembering where he was and who was still in his Olds.

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