06 February 2006

Coincidence? I Think Not

Isn't interesting that the Muslim street is erupting now over some cartoons depicting the Profit as a bomb wearing fool, when these same cartoons have been out in the world since September of 2005?

Could it have anything to do with OBL's December video Of The Year and his Nostra-dumb-ass impersonation, telling us how "something was going to happen within the month". HHHMMM!!!

Twelve days of State sponsored rock throwing and the burning of Danish Newspapers. And let us not forget the requisite Muslim footstomp on the burning paper, just waiting for the requisite Muslin human candle.

We all know that nothing involving crowds happens in Syria without Assad telling someone to get the crowd out. So since nothing was going to happen inside of the OBL time frame,
Release the Crowds.

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