03 February 2006

VDH Gets Me Thinking, Again.

Today over at NRO, The Smartest Man In America", has this piece about the so called intellegencia's craven dhimitude.

The best part:

All this lunacy is understood only in a larger surreal landscape. Tibet is swallowed by China. Much of Greek Cyprus is gobbled up by Turkish forces. Germany is 10-percent smaller today than in 1945. Yet only in the Middle East is there even a term "occupied land," one that derived from the military defeat of an aggressive power.
Over a half-million Jews were forcibly cleansed from Baghdad, Damascus, Cairo, and other Arab cities after the 1967 war; but only on the West Bank are there still refugees who lost their homes. Over a million people were butchered in Rwanda; thousands die each month in Darfur. The world snoozes. Yet less than 60 are killed in a running battle in Jenin, and suddenly the 1.5 million lost in Stalingrad and Leningrad are evoked as the moral objects of comparison, as the globe is lectured about "Jeningrad."

Here he slams the way people like Lip-biting Bill and his friends in the LSM, just give in to the crap that the Islamofascist sell as examples of "hate crimes".

Instead, Danish officials are threatened, boycotts organized, ambassadors recalled and, yes, Bill Clinton steps forward to offer another lip-biting apology while garnering lecture fees in the oil-rich Gulf, in the manner of his mea culpa last year to the Iranian mullacracy. There is now a pattern to Clintonian apologies they almost always occur overseas and on someone else's subsidy.

Read it all.

Yet this is what I've been thinking about since reading this.

How is this mindless bowing to perceived Islamist pain, any different then the crap that those on the right take daily from the Kos Kids and their supporters in the Dimocrap Party.
There is a great big call for people to apologize for the Danish Cartoons, but Pat Oliphant draws this POS and the media yawns. I mean look at the way this sensitive liberal portrays Dr. Condoleezza Rice, a strong and intelligent Black woman.

This is supposed to be humor.

F' Them!

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