17 October 2005

Again With The Original Vs. Conservative

Rush Limbaugh has a piece in the WSJ today about Harriet Miers.
He is using the divisions in the conservative movement over Ms. Miers, to show the strengths of the movement. This is an interesting view, but he continues to harp an the same flat notes, we don't know where she stands, we don't know where she stands, we don't know where she stands. You're right Rush, we don't know, but this need to place the conservative tag on the President's nomination, before we will approve it, needs to be stopped.

Rush wants this to be a fight for the future of the nation over this SCOTUS nomination, he wants the liberals to have to stand up and be counted as liberals.
What that doesn't happen on an hourly basis in Washington??
The supreme Court nomination is not a litmus test to OUT Leftists, as Rush seems to think. It is a way for the President to put his stamp on the future of the Court for the next 20+ years

I am not looking for someone who will rule on issues from the conservative side of the bench, I want an originalist.

Let the nomination go forward and tell your senator to vote however you feel. But before you do go here and get a giggle out of the politics of SCOTUS nominations.

Remember, we don't know where she stands, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

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