17 October 2005

Lies And The Lying Liars

Yahoo News has the following headline

Iraqis: Civilians Killed in U.S. Bombing

Oh My G-d, not that!!
How dare we kill civilians the day after they voted for a new Constitution.

Oh wait let me read the story, not just the header:

U.S. warplanes and helicopters bombed two western villages, killing an
estimated 70 militants near a site where five American soldiers died in a
weekend roadside blast, the military said Monday. Residents
at least 39 of the dead were civilians. (emphasis added)

So the residents of two villages that attacked American soldiers said that more then half of those killed in retaliation were civilians. PROVE IT!!!!

But the LSM just goes out and writes headlines that get peoples attention and continues to stir the pot of Pro-Terrorism.
I have decided that it should no longer be called Anti-Americanism, it should be called what it is Pro-Terrorism.
These people will not be happy until their lives are being ruled and decided by Sharia Courts. And boy will they be in for a surprise.

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