18 October 2005

The Incumbent Protection Committee Strikes Again

The Senate Republican leadership has decided that more vicious adds are what is needed in the Laffey Vs. Chafee race.

Smacking around a fellow Republican, because he has the gaul to run against "one of the boys."
This guy, Chafee, is not his father. He is not worthy of blind loyalty, for the prime reason that he has shown almost no loyalty to the President or the National Party.

As I have stated before, the Senator from Virginia, opps Rhode Island, DIDN'T EVEN VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT FOR RE-ELECTION IN '04.

And this is the guy that the Senate Republicans want to make sure is still sitting with them at all those fancy fund raising parties that the Beltway is famous for.

Well if that is the way they feel, then I have no choice than to do all I can to make sure Steve Laffey gets the party nomination.

As an aside,there is a great piece today in NRO about this race. Read it and also check out the link to the RI blog that John Miller gives.

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