04 May 2005

Temper, Temper

So I've heard a story about Bill "the War Hero" Clinton's visit to Brown last week...

It seems that while imprinting his hoof print to copies of his opus My Lie, he took time out to confront a young man who was standing in line to worship at his feet. The whelp in question had the audacity to be wearing a GREEN PARTY button on his hipply tattered clothing. Bill proceeded to berate the youth, and anyone else in line who didn't vote, for causing the election of GWB. I heard that that he informed everyone within earshot that it was these types of free thinkers that kept AlGore from following in Billy boy's shoes.

Compare the lack of coverage for this story to what is happening to John Bolton.

One man berates incompetent subordinates and is branded evil and unemployable. The other berates college kids practicing free speech and is a hero.

Man I love the Left.

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