04 May 2005

Something Fun

The World Famous (in Colorado) Rocky Mountain Lioness sent this link along and suggested (paw open claws out) that I post it.
I have to admit that ILMBO.
Also if there are any Starbucks Geeks out there, you know who you are, and we know who you are. Check this link from the same silly web page.


1 comment:

Rocky Mtn. Lioness said...

You judgmental, fascist, neocon, goody, theocratical puppet types just can't turn off the ad hominem attack machine, can you!

Your generosity is whelming! Smear campaigns for EVERYONE!

And your ilk wonders why some of us exclusively read the Michael Moore Revised Edition of the Byble.

My claws WERE retracted earlier, but if you're honest---you'll admit you requested their extension, did you not?

BTW--stand up when I'm talking to you!!

Oh...........OK.....never mind.