05 May 2005

The Hack Has Moved On

Col. (ret) David Hackworth has passed onto the next world.

This is a sad day here at IU, as "the Hack" was one of our guiding lights.
The stories of Korea (a war my father was in) and of Vietnam (the was that shaped my generation and the one before it) opened my eyes.
The honesty and guts shown by this soldier' soldier helped me to reconnect with my love for America and move slowly away from the leftist claptrap that I had swallowed for so long.

I have many memories of conversations involving About Face and his subsequent other works with both cptham and other friends of ours who looked at the world from a less jaded angle.
Just one quick story now. When cptham went off to Officer Basic (at the time he was the World's Oldest O1), he took with him the "three Bibles":
NIV Study Bible
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
About Face
These books were joined, I'm sure by others, but...

Even though he may have been one of the Lefts favorite soldier,because he spoke out against the Vietnam War he was always willing to call a fool a fool and pull on the carpet any and all pretenders to the honor of veterans everywhere.

Read the Blackfive post for a good picture of a great man.

Flags are at half staff in the IU world.

God Speed Col.

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