21 December 2005

Will Wonders Never Cease?

Arlen Specter (RINO-Pa) is trying to get the Senate to keep the Patriot Act alive.

Specter said he is trying to broker a deal that would allow the Senate to pass the current legislation "on my commitment to take up issues that they are so worried about. We'd have hearings early next year and consider the amendments, no commitment as to passage, but give consideration to that so we don't have the Patriot Act lapse, since it's important to America."

Specter held out hope that a deal could be made quickly. "I think there's a fairly good chance at this moment," he said.

President Bush, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Republicans congressional leaders have lobbied fiercely to get the Patriot Act compromise passed by the Senate. The House passed the compromise last week.

Am I missing something? This does seem like good news, but ...

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