19 December 2005

Rich Nations Tell Poor: "Drop Dead"

I had to use a variant on a great New York Daily News Headline from the 70's.

It seems that in the recent round of multilateral trade talks, the interests of the EU, Japan and sadly the US, have gotten in the way of the developing world.
Trade talks that would have made it easier for the developing nations to sell their products and produce to the developed north, have been weakened or destroyed in the effort to keep artificial farm and product subsidies flowing to the farmers of Europe and Japan, and to the dwindling textile workforce in America.

Add this to the Kyoto agreement that denies those nations that have not already built factories and other engines of industry, the ability to do so because they might cause global cooling (or warming or global weather or whatever the answer is now)

So undeveloped nations are not allowed to build industry to give their people jobs and futures. Also they are then not allowed to sell products that they grow in the earth, because they have no factories.
So how exactly are they supposed to become economically healthy enough to survive with out help?

Let's ask Time Magazine's co-Man Of The Year; Bono.
Forgive them their debt, but don't let them do anything to get past the need to borrow money from the developed world.
So then we have a cycle of loans, inability to pay those loans, insolvency and then debt forgiveness.
Man if that doesn't symbolize LIBERALISM and the way it HELPS then I don't know what does.

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