19 December 2005

More From Iraq

Thanks to LGF, I found a post from Omar over at Iraq The Model. He shows some concern for the way that the local media (Iraqi) and local politicians are reacting to the slowly leaking bits of results from last weeks great election. He sees the problems of who will get together with who, as interesting and at the same time dangerous.

What I personally prefer to see is a government formed by the Kurds, the Accord Front and Allawi, not that I like the Accord Front but more because this will make the Sunni understand that they can have their share of power and this will help persuade them abandon violence and stick to the democratic way instead of arms.
But unfortunately I'm afraid some religious parties in the UIA have not matured enough to act in a civilized way and do their job as positive opposition.

The situation is critical now and it will take maybe two months before the new government emerges and this interval will show how much Iraqi politicians care about Iraqi people.
If they act wisely, the next few months can be a shortcut to a better future for Iraq

I hope that this is what happens and I pray that democracy is allowed to grow there.

Now for my own soapbox moment.
These things will only happen if we stay until the new government asks us to leave, not on some artificial Kennedy-esqe time table.

Thank G-d for George W. Bush.

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