22 September 2005

Somewhere Out There

Let us first offer up prayers to the residents of the Texas and Louisiana gulf coast as Rita heads their way.

Next let;s think about "lessons learned."
Why in quotes? Because that is how the Lame Stream Media and the Libs in my office see the differences to the responses.
To them it has nothing to do with City and State officials who are willing to tell people what they need to hear, while not being afraid of the political repercussions.
The Mayor of Galveston Texas ORDERED the city busses to be used to move people out of the city who couldn't get out on there own. The sick, the old and the poor were moved by the FIRST RESPONDERS, not left for the Feds to find and then later bury.
Meanwhile New Orleans Mayor Ray "I have a house in Dallas now" Nagin, is still trying to blame his own lack of political will on GWB.

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