22 September 2005

"Over There" Sucks

I will start off by stating that I have not even watched 1 minute of the crap fest on FX called Over There.
It is supposed to be a "true life" view of what is happening over in Iraq to the American soldiers that are fighting the war on terror.
every add I have seen makes me want to retch.
The last couple of nights I have been subjected to adds for an episode where the Americans find a house filled with money and gold. The central theme appears to be "how we going to steal this money for our own selves", not how do we get this money back to the Government of Iraq. Because we all remember the story of the American soldiers who stole the 10 million dollars that were found in Tikrit. No you don't remember that story, well maybe because IT NEVER F***ING HAPPENED!!!!!
There was a crappy movie made after The Gulf War about something like this, but I have yet to hear any stories of greedy, corrupt, evil Americans stealing from Iraq.

The sad thing is there will be people who watch this stuff and who will believe it, see my previous post for a hint as to who.

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