02 August 2009


Sometimes you find a rant that would make Dennis Miller proud. This piece from Bill Whittle over at Pajamas TV lays out the whole Sarah Palin story, while righteously ripping both the Statists and "republicans" who were/are bashing her.

We have seen the enemy and they is us. Or at lest they think that they is us.
Let me explain. We on the right have a crapload of "leaders", most of whom think that they are leaders because they were born to the game. They went to the "best" schools and took the "best" jobs. They surround themselves with people who did the same. They listen to the same dinner party gossip and drink the same overpriced French drinks. Eventually even those with "different" political beliefs begin to say the same things,especially about politicians who didn't come from the same comfortable cocoon.
Now sometimes some of them breakout, Laura Ingraham, Justice Clarence Thomas and John "The Stash" Bolton. But these bright lights are few and far between.
We need to vet our "leaders" better.
Remind them that they are not our betters, that they are in most cases our lessers. And remind them that the founders were not fond of the type of oligarchy that they have imposed on us. And wish to keep imposing.

Read and be inspired. Good Day!

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