14 August 2009

The Beautiful MM Writes.

Michelle Malkin has a great piece on the continued hypocrisy of the left when they are in charge.
During the Bush years I kept hearing how dissent was the HIGHEST form of patriotism.
Any complaints from the right were met with screams of FASCIST!
Yet the White House wasn't part of the Chill Wind that we heard about on a regular basis from the Left.
Things were so bad during the Bush years that nut jobs could camp outside the entrance to the President's PRIVATE residence, and, well, nothing happened.
Things were so bad that people trashed Karl Roves PRIVATE property in a Virginia suburb and, well, again nothing.

Yes there were some people who called these protesters traitors, etc. I was one of them. But the leaders of this nation didn't tell us how to protest. Didn't call protesters evil. Yet now that the left has enough votes to jam just about anything it wants down our throats and they seem to be afraid of the protesters and other voices on the right.

They don't need our support, yet they need it because they know that if this fails the power grabs that they have in mind will slip away, and ...

So that's my rant for the day.

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