04 July 2009

The Sara-Cuda Bites Us.

So Gov Palin is stepping down. And I have one question.
How the F*** does this help anyone.
Yes I still love her, and will keep the links on the right that go to her and her friends, but I'm pissed.
And unlike some nuts on the right I'm not pissed at anyone on our side who may have been ambivalent about her 3 years early. I'm pissed at the shitheads on the left who kept sniping at her long after "they won."
I'm also pissed at her.
Because she is quiting way too early. This will keep her from being a serious candidate in 2012. You can not run for a high pressure job if you are giving up before the end of your term for a less stressful job.
The LameStreamMedia will not let the voters forget.

Well there is my rant.
I'm sure that somewhere down the road I'll change my mind 7 or 8 more times.
Stay tuned!

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