30 June 2009

Thugs And The Won

Another wonderful smack down of the Won's foreign policy (or lack there of) from Victor Davis Hanson.
He show how each time Obama has tried to kiss up to thugs on the world stage he gets slapped.

The Great Listener is in the White House and:

"But so far the world's thugs do not seem to appreciate that new goodwill. Intelligence reports indicate that North Korea's Kim Jong-Il is planning to launch a ballistic test missile in the direction of Hawaii between July 4 and July 8. Russia's Vladimir Putin would like to replace the dollar as the global currency.

Most recently, Obama kept relatively silent for a week after the fraudulent Iranian election and the ensuing government crackdown against protestors. He was apparently worried about offending Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the mullahs above him who truly run the country — and thereby making it more difficult to negotiate once the resistance was put down."

This is lost in the echo chanber that is the LameStream Media.
"Obama is doing great things."
"All of these problems are the fault of Bush."
"Yada Yada Ya."

He gives a rundown of the things that soemone should do when comfronted with thugs.
He does it in such a way that even a troll could understand. If they could read.

He ends with this:

"So, Mr. President, do not talk to a thug unless you absolutely have to. Do not apologize to — or put our trust in — one. And whenever people rise up against a thug, speak out immediately and forcefully on their behalf — and let the thug, not America, worry about the consequences of the spread of freedom."

I wish I could have said this, but then again I'm not VDH.
Thank G-d someone is.

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